The ocean refuses no river

Sequeira’s visual score, The ocean refuses no river, combines his intensely coloured diagrammatic forms with ocean imagery. Sequeira’s minute daubs of gouache on paper and his pursuit of infinity through circle and line – allude to grand ideas about endlessness, wonder, speculation and the world. Asserting a connection between his vocabulary of geometric colour and the profound symbolism of the ocean, Sequeira articulates a relationship between personal and universal experiences.

The title, The ocean refuses no river, is derived from the song Ever so lonely/ Eyes/ Ocean recorded by Sheila Chandra on the Real World label in the early 1990s. For Sequeira, Chandra’s intoxicating vocals give an invisible sculptural form to the sense of divinity, love and yearning expressed in the lyrics.

Arranged on music stands as an imagined set for choir or chamber orchestra, ‘The ocean refuses no river’ suggests that the resonance of geometry and colour can be understood as a rich communal language that channels a multiplicity of voices into a continuous harmonic, the sum of which is infinitely greater than its individual components.