Gary Anderson, Gabriella Hirst, Cameron Robbins

The work of Gabriella Hirst, Cameron Robbins and Gary Anderson in STORM have not been shown together before and given the differing realms of thought in which they dwell, it is not likely that they will be assembled again. The works have been brought together to explore, tease out and discuss the consideration of the storm not only as a meteorological atmospheric condition but significantly as a studio and art medium. Rather than resisting its forces, each artist has created their own discourse around the storm’s physical presence and its symbolic potential.

Anderson, Hirst and Robbins have thrown themselves into the storm, allowing the wind, rain and snow to impact their action and determine their creative output. Although the artists constructed their own terms for their encounter with the storm, they also surrendered to its forces. Exploring the phenomenon of the storm as an intrinsic aspect of the world in which we live and indeed the world in which their art practice exists, the works reveal each artists’ process of extending their studio into the landscape and providing the power of nature with a voice within their work.

STORM Gary Anderson, Gabriella Hirst, Cameron Robbins Curator: David Sequeira Installation: Domain House, Royal, Botanic Gardens Victoria Date: 2018 Photographer: Christo Crocker