Lin Onus Eternal Landscape

I kind of hope that history may see me as some sort of bridge between cultures, between technology, and ideas.
Lin Onus

The work of Lin Onus occupies a unique space in the broader context of Australian art. His painted landscapes which form the core of this exhibition display a complex fusion of ideas around place, possession, time and history. A Yorta Yorta self-taught artist living between cultures and communities, Onus found a way to bring together Indigenous and nonindigenous understandings of landscape and articulate the intersection of two sets of values and points of view. Onus does not present this intersection as a collision, but rather as a layered coexistence in which picturesque ideals of non-indigenous representations of nature are contextualised within a more ancient and abstract indigenous visual language.

Lin Onus Eternal Landscape Curator: David Sequeira Installation: Margaret Lawrence Gallery Date: 2019 Photographer: Christo Crocker