History and Infinity

This urge to intervene, disrupt or rethink the narratives of art has been a foundational strategy for David Sequeira over the past three decades. As an artist and curator, Sequeira has sought to generate a sense of personal time through exhibition-making, using curatorship as an expanded studio technique to allow him to rethink how we identify, value, and understand cultural production. We see the questions posed by this approach in the new work, History and Infinity, 2022, a shelf -based display of over 1000 glass and ceramic vessels punctuated by a selection of paintings by other artists, some of which are from Sequeira’s personal collection.

Sourced from thrift stores around Australia – and considered ‘discarded’ rather than ‘found’ objects – Sequeira’s vases are readymade expositions of the colours and shapes used to fashion decorative containers. They are everyday items that are made extraordinary in their massing.

José Da Silva

History and Infinity, 2022. Photography by Christian Capurro.