David &

Whilst I could talk about David Sequeira’s exhibition David & within the lineage of mail art and conceptualist practices, I think there is something more interesting in discussing the work as a personal challenge to one’s own methods through the dialogues forged through artistic exchange. Whilst David’s flair for colour and love of art history, collecting, fashion, formalism and the aesthetic sensibility, is still evident throughout David &, facets of his expression have shifted in relation to gestures enacted by his peers; bringing in different histories, artistic voices, and unexpected juxtapositions.

Through a process of mailing out small cards to Eugene Carchesio and Uday Arts Group and having them send back drawings, paintings and collages, he has created an artistic space constructed through these gestures. A space for people to respond to what each other’s inferences and compositions have given as creative opportunities. The process of exchange marks a shift from working with a void, a blank canvas or ground, instead graciously offering collaged colour and linear drawings as propositions that can be elaborated on by friends and colleagues. Lou Hubbard has contributed two sculptural works—one a deflated fitness ball and the other comprised of a rotund, inflated fitness ball—both atop colourful jumpers from David’s monochrome jumper collection. Thinking about the assemblages one can’t help but think about how the derive and desire lines presupposed by this process also infer the act of walking as a form of exercise. And that is the other side of David & that, whilst playful and wistful, friendly gestures towards freeing up, the works also act as a way of improving the creative dexterity and vocabulary of an artistic practice through a social exercise.

Jeremy Eaton