Conscious Intuition

Eugene Carchesio, Diena Geogetti

Since they emerged in the 1980s, both Eugene Carchesio and Diena Georgetti have continued to make work that profoundly connects contemporary art, art history and human experience. Often creating imagery within the formalist context of geometry and colour, intuition – the ability to understand something instinctively – plays a large part in each of their working processes. Conscious Intuition seeks to compare and contrast the continuing themes of two of Australia’s most influential mid-career artists. More specifically, the project seeks to highlight the importance and relevance of the artists ideas in the current socio-political climate.

In the 1980s, a decade associated with excess, their works could be understood as an antidote to the ‘bigger is better’ approach to contemporary art. Thematic rather than narrative, their works encouraged an exploration of reality via intuition and meaning. This exploration is possibly even more relevant in 2019. Amidst contested issues around fake news, climate change, ownership and the glamourous hierarchies of biennales, their works point to an understanding of monumentality that is not connected with physical scale but rather, with breadth and depth of ideas, association and mystery.

Conscious Intuition Eugene Carchesio, Diena Geogetti Curator: David Sequeira Installation: Margaret Lawrence Gallery Date: 2018 Photographer: Christo Crocker