Colour is a verb

David Batchelor, David Cross, David Sequeira, David Thomas

When proposing a curated exhibition for Dominik Mersch Gallery I took advantage of the relatively rare opportunity for me to include my own work in the project. My work as an artist and curator has always been fuelled by my curiosity around colour. In addition to studio visits, reading and viewing exhibitions, much of my research in this area has been developed through my own studio practice.

Part of my fascination with colour is its connection with life and I continue to be amazed by the relationships that I have created through this interest. My connection with the other artists in this exhibition stems from my doctoral research Some Kind of Bliss: Geometry, Colour and Contemplation 2007-2011. I had not met Melbourne based David Thomas until we spoke about him supervising my PhD in 2006, the writings and work of London based David Batchelor were part of the proposed research and David Cross (then based in New Zealand) was one of the examiners. At the time, I had no idea of the sustenance that these other Davids would continue to provide for me nor the breadth of the terrain that our collective investigations would explore.

At the heart of this project is an interest in the profound relationship between colour and action. More specifically, through this exhibition I want to suggest connections between colour, perception and gesture. Integral to the selection of works is an understanding of colour as an impactful spirited entity that encourages engagement and exchange. For me, these works extend the idea that colour exists on things and as part of things. Through Colour is a verb I want to explore the idea of colour as a kind of energetic force or presence. I am interested in colour as meaningless in its own right but embodying the capacity to conjure a range of associations and emotions because of its intimate connection with what people do with it and what it does to people.

Colour is a verb David Batchelor, David Cross, David Sequeira, David Thomas Curator: David Sequeira Installation: Dominik Mersch Gallery Date: 2019