2007 DAVID does Delhi

2006-2007 DAVID does survey exhibition

2004 DAVID does Vogue: 3 pages of David's studio/home

2005 David does OPEN DAY

2004 DAVID does solo exhibition: Seeing things

2004 DAVID does Vogue: the Zen Picnic in context

2004 DAVID does Dallas: artist in residence

2005 DAVID does the Jam

- 2005 David does the Big Mac

2006 David does the Chair

2005 David does lunchtime conversation

2005 David does Management

2005 David does the kitchen

2005 DAVID does mail order

2006 David does New York

2006 David does Parliament House

DAVID does Desktop

DAVID does curatorial thing

2004 DAVID does Travelling Exhibition Education

DAVID does portraits

2005 David does the Big Mac

David participates in 'Conspicuous Production: The First Two Years of the UTD/Southside Artist Residency'
June 25, 2005 to July 30, 2005
Opening Reception Saturday, June 25th, from 6:30-8:30pm

In the summer of 2003 an unusual and exciting partnership was formed between SouthSide on Lamar (Dallas, Texas, USA) and the University of Texas at Dallas under the direction of Dr. Richard R. Brettell. The residency's purpose is to serve as an incubator for talent in the Metroplex community. Visiting artists, curators and critics from other parts of the country and the world are brought in to develop a rich mixture of disciplines and ambitions.