Jeremy Beasley Photography
David's most trusted photographer

Bill Risby
David's most musical associate. Somewhere in between jazz and classical piano, there is a style called Bill Risby.

Galerie Dusseldorf
David's representation on the Western Australian front

Jackson Pollock simulator
David is nothing but a trumped up wannabe. You too can be Action Jackson. Just click and drag your way across the screen

In Bb 2.0
David wishes that he had created this exquisite work of art. This is a beautiful idea. Darren Solomon is magical.

Richard Sweeney
David's favourite geometry/ mathematics based sculptor. Transformation doesn't get any better than this.

Canberra House
David's most Capital invested and architecturally sound site. Two thumbs up for Martin Miles' sophistocated survey of Canberra buildings

Canberra Contemporary Art Space
David's most contemprary art space in Canberra.
Small budget projects with grand vision. Concepts, team, shows.

Victoria Reichelt
David's most painterly reader.
Books = Paintings = Books

Clinton Murray
David's most architecturally minded structuralist.
The original atsronomical dog who knows what to do with a good view.

Johnny Nicholson
David's favourite man made substance based artist.
Plastic brings people together.
Yeah, but is plastic really artificial?

Merryn Gates
David's most artistic art service provider.
Curator, writer, editor...thinker...and poodle owner.

David's most Indonesian art and exhibition.
Now I've had the time of my life, I've never felt like this before and I swear...

Art Space Auckland
David's most southern most art venue.
Artspace: ART s p a c e (apparently it's the final frontier)

Museum of Fred
David's favourite private collection.
Thank God for people like Fred who believe that 'making art is too important to be left only to art professionals'

Megalo Print Studio and Gallery
David's most ink based art studio.
These guys know their squeegees.

National Portrait Gallery
David's most figuratively representational work place.
People who need people are the luckiest people in the world.

OBJECT Australian Centre for Craft and Design
David's most process based space for selection and display of handmade goods.
Knit one Pearl two

Pepe's Paperie
David's most pulp based supplier.
Who cares if paperie isn't really a word? I think I don't care

The Scissorman
David's most cutting cutting edge supplier.
Just like Gloria really does cut both ways.

The Art Gallery of New South Wales
David's most major instution solo show venue.
This is it. This time I know it's the real thing.

Thoughtfulbody Rachel Swindle
David's most thoughtful body.
A thought for every body and a body for every thought.

gigantic artspace (GAS)
David's most gigantic art space.
Big concepts and grand visions. New York needs ideas.