Photo Credit: Clinton Murray


‘Around the three core nodes of colour, space and geometry he weaves a story about life and enjoyment, about understanding and sympathy, about love and respect, generosity and openness and, most of all, about our capacity to understand and learn from everything and everyone.’

– Professor Ted Snell, AM CitWA, Director of the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery

Working across media, David Sequeira explores issues around high and low art, personal and shared histories, banality and profundity, the reverberations of colonisation and the persisting impact of incomplete histories. Curatorship —articulating the intersections between objects, time, place and space — is an important aspect of his art practice. David has held senior positions in public cultural institutions including the National Gallery of Australia, National Portrait Gallery of Australia, National Film and Sound Archive, Australian Parliament House and Old Parliament House, Canberra. He is currently the Director, Margaret Lawrence Gallery, University of Melbourne.