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Curatorial services: Geometry Rhythm Light

Developed collaboratively by Craft ACT and Object, Geometry Rhythm Light: glass and the everyday is curated by Canberra-based visual artist/curator, David Sequeira.

'The artist who wishes to express the idea of the unity of existence has actually three means at his disposal, geometry, rhythm and light.'

Titus Burkhardt Art of Islam: Language and Meaning 1976

The exhibition presents works by 5 Australian glass artists including Maureen Williams, Deb Jones, Liz Kelly, Mel Douglas and Jonathan Baskett and focuses on utilitarian forms which articulate principles of geometry rhythm and light. The selected works will be displayed to highlight these aspects. In most cases the works appear deceptively simple. The complex processes employed by some of the artists are secondary to their commitment to purity of form, colour and surface. Geometry Rhythm Light stimulates alternative approaches to exhibiting contemporary glass. Through its display, the exhibition draws attention to notions of repetition, variation and the unique. It will be accompanied by a modest publication and will be supported by Vogue Living.
(exhbition open 5 November 12 December 2004 Object Gallery)