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Art Business

Art Business provides sessions in art making designed for organisations committed to the benefits of taking their management teams out of the realm of their ordinary experiences. The workshops are fun, challenging and encourage participants to enter into the thrill of creativity.

Art Business workshops actively demonstrate that
· imagination and inventiveness have no boundaries
· observation, response and perception are the keys to being connected
· ideas are generated through play and experimentation
· creativity is nurtured through learning and practice
· choices shape experiences

The process of making art is rich in metaphor incorporating themes such as
· change
· experimentation
· problem solving
· influence
These themes have as much significance within a business organisation as they do within an artist’s studio. Through focussed yet playful guidance into the world of colour, line and form Art Business generates new possibilities and potentials.

To make art is to engage in the processes of
· looking and inquiring
· acknowledgement and choice
· self expression and communication

For most participants, painting a picture is not part of everyday experience. It is likely that the last time that many of them picked up a brush was when they were at school. Whilst acknowledging these limited experiences Art Business stretches participants, challenging them to go beyond standard conceptions, taboos and myths surrounding creativity, talent and expression, values that are highly prized within organisations.

If the participants’ contact with the world, with people, and with nature is superficial, if they only half-see life’s possibilities then they are likely to be content with a casual, noncommittal shorthand statement of an experience or an event. Through intensive observation Art Business encourages participants to make strong connections with their environment.

Workshop Focus:
At the core of Art Business Workshops is the key concept that self expression is possible through observation and response. Powerful ideas emerge when we challenge ourselves with new possibilities.

Workshop Content:
Through the use of all of the senses, Art Business guides participants through the process of observation. Using colour, line and form and a basic range of techniques, participants are introduced to interpret these observations and generate their own visual language.

Workshop Approach:
Although Art Business is committed to developing its programs in accordance with the needs of its clients, all sessions in painting, drawing and collage are grounded in the process of observation. Art Business can also develop programs around an organisations existing corporate collection of art or public collections of art such as the National Gallery of Australia. All sessions finish with an analysis and evaluation of the process and the results

Workshop Outcomes:
Art Business workshops tap into the right sphere of the brain which governs creativity. In the process of making art, there are very few rules. Quality of results is very much about whatever works; whatever gives you a certain feeling or whatever evokes a certain response. Art Business workshops affirm the significance of this notion within the activities and development of an organisation. Participants leave with a heightened awareness of skills in noticing, observing and making connections. Participants are immersed in the experience of taking an idea, running with it, exploring it and finding their own voice within it.

Art Business Workshop Leader
David Sequeira
David Sequeira’s blend of unique experiences as a visual artist and an arts educator are at the core of the success of Art Business Workshops. Over the last 13 years he has exhibited his work extensively through out Australia at venues including the Art Gallery of New South Wales and the Museum of Contemporary Art. His work has been regularly profiled in art journals including the Sydney based magazine, Art and Australia and the Los Angeles based Art & Text. He has been the recipient of numerous awards including the Australia Council’s studio residency in Paris and the Collex Museum of Contemporary Art acquisitive prize.

David has been involved in visual art education for over two decades. David’s commitment to education extends beyond the needs of schools and institutions. Working in a range of museums such as the National Gallery of Australia, he is skilled in bringing people of all ages, from all walks of life to a richer understanding and a deeper appreciation of the potential place for art in their lives.