2015 After Images
After Images 2015 highlights the dazzling power of line and colour. The sequence of hypnotic arrangements of black, white and gold suggest new energies and change. After Images plays with concepts of perception and sensation. The experience of movement and vibration is entirely real to the eye, even though the mural itself is a static two dimensional surface.

In the 1960s, Canberra was experiencing a period of frenetic growth. The city was filled with sense of optimism about the future that is embodied in the public art and design of the Civic Square precinct. The gold colonnades of the Square can be understood as a potent symbol of a golden age for modernist architecture in Canberra.

In light of recent design innovation in Civic, New Acton and Braddon, After Images nods to the accomplishments of the past and celebrates the flourishing energies and ideas of a new golden age for Canberra.

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1    After Images mural     2015
2    After Images mural     2015
3    After Images mural     2015
4    After Images mural     2015
5    After Images mural     2015
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